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Buses and Coaches

ADBIG does not actually own any preserved vehicles in its own right, but currently there are eleven preserved Aldershot & District buses that remain in full running order that make up the so called "ADBIG fleet".

  • Nine of these buses are privately owned by ADBIG members who regularly permit them to participate in ADBIG organised tours and other events.
  • Two others, 178 and 506, are owned by commercial coach companies, but are operated in A&D livery as commercial private hire vehicles.
  • These ex Aldershot & District buses are:-

    Single Deck

    • 1948 Dennis Lancet 980 (Strachan 32 seat coach body)
    • 1951 Dennis Lancet 178 (Strachan 38 seat body)*
    • 1954 Dennis Lancet J10C 196 (Strachan 38 seat coach body)
    • 1954 AEC Reliance 543 (1966 Metro-Cammell 40 seat body)
    • 1956 Dennis Falcon P5 282 (Strachan 30 seat body)
    • 1960 AEC Reliance 370 (Metro-Cammell 40 seat body)
    Double Deck
    • 1950 Dennis Lance K3 145 (East Lancs 51 seat body)
    • 1954 Dennis Lance K4 220 (East Lancs 56 seat body)
    • 1958 Dennis Loline 357 (East Lancs 68 seat body)
    • 1962 Dennis Loline III 462 (Alexander 68 seat body)
    • 1964 Dennis Loline III 488 (Weymann 68 seat body)**
    • 1965 Dennis Loline III 503 (Weymann 68 seat body)
    • 1965 Dennis Loline III 506 (Weymann 68 seat body)*

    * = Owned by commercial coach companies
    ** = Adapted for wheelchair access

    Full details on all these buses are available within the ADBIG Members Section

    There are also around a dozen other ex A&D buses and coaches that have been rescued by ADBIG members currently off-road in various stages of restoration.

    Alder Valley
  • Recently ADBIG's remit has been extended to include A&D's successors, the Thames Valley and Aldershot Omnibus Company Ltd, "Alder Valley", particularly their operations south of the A30 and, to a lesser degree, later Arriva and Stagecoach services operating within the old A&D area.
  • ADBIG members also own at least two preserved Alder Valley vehicles.

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